Ultimate precision and safety in the most challenging environments


Introducing RemoteTask for Cat® D-series loaders


Discover RemoteTask

Operate in dangerous, dirty, or congested environments safely and efficiently.

RemoteTask was created to give operators all the control and response they need, while staying at a safe distance from dirty, cluttered, or dangerous environments. Modular by design, units can be transferred from one loader to another loader quickly and easily.

Incredible precision, with no latency

RemoteTask’s controls were designed to feel immediately familiar to operators, responding naturally to all control inputs. The controller’s engine RPM, hydraulic flow, and creeper controls allow for smooth, precise movements.

Getting the job done while keeping the crew safe

The system makes operating in challenging environments safer for the operator, and those around the loader. Mounted indicator lights and buzzers indicate the unit is live and ready to move, and haptic feedback via control stick vibration ensures the operator is always aware of any system warnings.

RemoteTask is available exclusively through Caterpillar. To learn more about the system, request a demo, or purchase, contact your local dealer.